Party over Policy

As conservatives tried to convince themselves that Obama was a centrist, the medias golden boy wasted no time in putting the kibosh on Guantanamo Bay. Then, in a totally unseen move, Obama lifted restrictions on US taxpayer funded abortions abroad. I wonder if Obama mentioned that during his dinner with the conservative brain trust. I really believe it is time for all our wish washy Republicans to jump ship and stay jumped! We don’t need them. I constantly hear how conservatives should compromise their ideals to become more inclusive. I think it’s time we purged.

Barack and all his Obamatrons, with their little red Kool-Aid mustaches, will have no mercy on conservatives, none. Conservative ideals have been misrepresented by goofy bi-partisan apologetics, presented by rubbery spine politicians who believe that the party comes first. It is time that we say goodbye to the John McCain’s of our party, GOOD-BYE JOHN. If you believe this is anything but an all out war for the soul of America, then you misinformed!

One thought on “Party over Policy

  1. If that is the case, then I think it's an \”Obamanation\”. It's odd that we aren't informed of the spreading of abortion with our tax dollars. There are less evil ways of using that money, like research for more humane methods of torture to get information out of detainees.

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