The Single Mom Myth

The Single Mom Myth
The single mother, a rapidly growing phenomenon, given the stamp of approval from America’s most studious mediums. A one time mantle of dysfunction has found legitimacy in post-nut sack America. Feminist and their beta-male bitches running the machine from the national news rooms to print, Hollywood and beyond, wield such power the Church fears casting a sideways look. The single mom moniker is synonymous with strength, liberation, and independence.
The divorce rate is a staggering 35%, close to 70% of which are initiated by the woman, at least it’s documented that way. I would suggest a modest 85-90% of divorces are ultimately decided by the woman. And why not? They’ve been absolved of consequence, empowered by guilt free abandonment, and objectively lobotomized to the ruin of their wake. The 15 year old pregnant daughter in no way reflects an abysmal failure of a parent. The faggy kid nurtured by the absence of light in his basement game-room, who might slip through the cracks of teen suicide to molest and murder his peers.
The child being raised by a divorced or single mom, has yet to discover the liberation and empowerment from their predicament. The advantages of their peers residing in duel parent homes is lost in a culture that references the hags from The View for objective reasoning. The child who publicly celebrates growing up with their single mom, is a child who is reaping the rewards of lax discipline. Healthy marriage can’t idiot proof your kid, their chances of going haywire might statistically increase. What remains undeniable is the fear, confusion, self doubt, and sadness a child will repeatedly encounter as a result of their parents choice.
The man’s antiquated notion of divorce not being an option, usually puts him at odds with the single mom. For most men divorce isn’t a rebirth into a world supported by government programs, talk shows, and magazines. The woman will exclaim that trying to “make it work” and not leaving isn’t healthy for the children, she did it for them. She won’t confess to total control as the only viable option, short of castration when trying to “make it work” or not leaving. She will do everything possible to sabotage the relationship, that she actually decided to leave long ago. The single mom has most likely already hedged her bets before she walks.
There exist covert agenda responsible for cultivation of the single mom myth, nefarious to some and idealistic to others. Cosigned and propagated by the same movement whose reconstructed world advocates lesbian adoption, prepubescent gender reassignment, and anti-death penalty pro abortion reasoning. If they were prohibited from hijacking the American flag, theirs would simply read, “If it feels good, Do it!”

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