Trump Jr. VS Hags from the View: Full interview

hags from the view are the personification of the anti-trumper movement


When Murder just isn’t enough: In 1973 women were granted the authority to kill and in 2019 the power to decide their child’s gender. What’s next?

Crazy doctor granted authority to make son a girl.

Kick in the Gut

My God, is there no refuge from the toxic sludge of political correctness? Tom Warrior of the famed Celtic Frost & Hellhammer is a card-carrying man with a vagina, what a disappointment. I love the old 80s metal like Celtic Frost and Venom; it is so simple yet aggressive and raw, without all the high-end […]

Generation Z-ombie

Generation Z-ombie Generation Z, not your typical snot-nosed punks who refuse to exit the nest. No, these effervescent prodigies represent a very unique class of Americans, unlike any generation prior. It’s not all sunshine and candy-flavored vapor though, the poor sons-a-bitches will never appreciate or understand the precious gift from our founding fathers. The Founders […]

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