Religion of Peace, Moderate Muslims,misunderstood Religion, etc etc etc

Rape, mutilation: Pakistan’s tribal justice for women By Rebecca Conway MULTAN, Pakistan | Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:08pm EDT (Reuters) – On April 14, two men entered Asma Firdous’ home, … Read More

Killing Us By Degrees

Since the Wilson administration first implemented the fascist progressive apparatus, The United States of America has been under attack. In the year 2011 we are no longer the country our … Read More

ATTENTION: Mexico Wages War against US

Take a good look at our Southwestern border, it’s a war staged by progressives, fueled my money, lives, and drugs. It’s so important that the American State Run Media has … Read More

The Progressive Killing Machine

The Progressive Killing Machine What thoughts would be going through F.D.R’s head when he realizes the attack he needed to solidify his political agenda, had yielded over 2000 American casualties? … Read More

The Politics of Destruction

I think in recent months conservatives, tea party people, and the basic right have targeted Obama and his administration, this is not unwarranted, I agree. The fundamental politics of destruction, … Read More

Liberals at war with America

Liberals at War With America George Washington, undoubtedly our most prized national treasure, the man who’s virtue, ideals, and patriotism set the measure for American life. Washington was a man … Read More

Obama: The Great Divide

Obama: The Great divide Jan Brewer has accomplished much more than merely enacting a “sensible law” in Arizona, she has exposed the Obamatron’s for the snake oil opportunist and soulless … Read More

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