Christians, Pagan’s, and Atheist VS Progressive Globalist

It is safe to say, that a good majority of pro-white websites are either overtly anti-Christian or just apathetic, Christians have been usually placed one rung above Jews.  I won’t … Read More

Liberals at war with America

Liberals at War With America George Washington, undoubtedly our most prized national treasure, the man who’s virtue, ideals, and patriotism set the measure for American life. Washington was a man … Read More

The Media friendzy

Let me preface this post by urging my fellow Christians, conservatives, traditionalist and everyone you know,please boycott the TV series Criminal Minds. Their anti-Christian agenda has far and away exceeded … Read More

Obamacon’s Enslave America

When the Ball Drops…On Us Obamacon’s enslave America “Right now we have a severe unemployment situation, if a political party designed a bill that eliminated 90% of joblessness, would you … Read More

Keep Your Eye on the Tiger

Keep your eye on Tiger, because they are stealing are nation.. I am thoroughly exhausted, and at wits end, some one tell me this is a joke. Have you had … Read More

Liberal Democrats VS America…Are we Losing?

This massacre in Texas is a direct result of nefarious liberal policies, these policies aren’t just misguided, they are intended to deplete this nations foundation of all it’s strength. Due … Read More

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