Trayvon Martin

GLOCK RUSSMAN ALERT: The armed extremist group who fashion themselves as Black Panther’s have publicly rendered a bounty on neighborhood watchdog George Zimmerman. Is it hypocritical that they demand justice … Read More

Choose Your Poison, Then Die, Seriously

As a conservative, I guess, I find myself inclined to vote for Rick Perry, he seems to be advocating all the right things. In 1988 Rick Perry was a democrat, … Read More

New Progressive Era 2011

In The American Progressive Era 2011, you will find many factions; Gay & Lesbian, The Nation of Islam, Green Movement (Eco-freaks), Unions, democrats, NAACP, republicans, La Raza, Neo Nazis, socialist, … Read More

Michael Vick: Vitcim of Poverty

 Michael Vick, a tragic casualty of black oppression and racially motivated impoverishment spoke out recently. Apparently feeling comfortable with his newly rediscovered wealth and fame, Mr. Vick spoke a bit more candidly to reporters. “Yeah, … Read More

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