Religion of Peace, Moderate Muslims,misunderstood Religion, etc etc etc

Rape, mutilation: Pakistan’s tribal justice for women By Rebecca Conway MULTAN, Pakistan | Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:08pm EDT (Reuters) – On April 14, two men entered Asma Firdous’ home, … Read More

Keep Your Eye on the Tiger

Keep your eye on Tiger, because they are stealing are nation.. I am thoroughly exhausted, and at wits end, some one tell me this is a joke. Have you had … Read More

Why I Oppose President O

Why do I oppose Obama? 1. As a Christian, I am distressed by Mr. Obama’s dedication toward championing abortion, at any term! Mr. Obama refused to sign a bill that … Read More

Silence Us

.MsoNormal { MARGIN-TOP: 0in; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0in; FONT-FAMILY: Times New Roman; mso-style-name: “Normal” } TD.iNetwordTDBrdr { BORDER-RIGHT: black 1pt solid; PADDING-RIGHT: 5.5pt; BORDER-TOP: black 1pt solid; PADDING-LEFT: 5.5pt; VERTICAL-ALIGN: … Read More

Christian is as Christian does….

There is little doubt as to America’s feelings of disappointment and frustration when observing our economic distress. Many of us feel the pains of depression every morning at the gas … Read More

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